Working Washington members in the tech and tech-adjacent industries in Seattle and Washington state work every day to make Star Trek a reality. When we talk about innovation, it goes beyond gizmos and gadgets. Our members have also led the way on cutting-edge workers' rights victories. Working Washington members went on strike to lead the way to the nation's first $15 minimum wage, and we led the coalition in the nation's strongest scheduling legislation. Statewide, we worked to raise the minimum wage, passed paid sick leave, and recently won the best paid family leave in the nation was. We're making progress.

Meanwhile, the robots are plotting some sort of takeover, everyone’s boss is now a phone app, and employers are looking for people who would be willing to relocate to Mars. Things are changing quickly, technology is evolving, and it's changing the economy and the way we work at an incredible pace.

Working Washington members have the right combination of skill and will to foster innovation and strong rights for workers at the same time (and the wins to prove it). That's where you come in. We're kicking off with a series for learning, discussion, and snacks. This is a chance to network with other Working Washington members, dream up solutions, and spin-off working groups to actually put plans in motion. Here's what's coming up in the next several months: 

  • Automation: new opportunities, or humans need not apply?
  • Gig Economy: app jobs with no benefits; how do we tame this Wild West job market?
  • STEM Equity and Access: have we replaced the glass ceiling with an invisible force-field one?
  • Jobs That Tech Built: janitors, security guards, cafeteria workers; old-fashioned poverty at hi-tech corporations.
  • Digital Activism: will memes drive the next revolution, or is there more to digital organizing than slacktivism?
  • Housing Affordability: is the tech boom creating worse inequality? What impact does that have on housing affordability and who's really to blame? And what do we actually even do about it?