Join us for our summer celebration! 

July 18, 2017 | 5:30 pm

Pine Box
150 Melrose Ave
Seattle WA 98122


We have a lot to celebrate. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re working on:

Paid family leave for all. At some point in their working life, everyone will need time off to care for a new family member or a loved one. Every worker deserves the chance to do that, and we’re working to make it happen. 

As the Uber economy grows, the vision of universal, portable, and prorated benefits for app-based workers continues to build momentum. We’re going to continue to organize workers to lead the way. 

The  American electorate is changing and as a new national political landscape looms, key local elections bring new opportunities to ensure the political landscape better reflects local demographics. We’re organizing the most marginalized  communities to keep them engaged when it matters most. 

This is a lot to tackle, but we are confident that by putting workers first and continuing to be bold and innovative in our actions, we can get it done. One of our donors even thinks we should be in charge of everything; maybe if we were all of this would have already happened. 

Here are some other nice things people have said about us: 

“By far the best local political communication in my inbox. You guys should be in charge of everything.” —Working Washington donor & local politico. 
Dramatically, it’s not that impressive but a stunt’s a stunt” — The Stranger's theatre critic reviews one of our actions

Come meet us in person at our summer celebration (RVSP below), and you can give us compliments, too.

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