An innovative approach to workers rights in the Uber economy

A Seattle City Council committee is considering an innovative proposal to address the fact that Uber & Lyft take advantage of a loophole to classify their drivers as “independent contractors” rather than employees. By working this loophole, these companies avoid the responsibilities that other employers have to their employees — including basic rights like minimum wage and the right to organize.

Here's our take on Why Uber & Lyft drivers need the right to organize

But Uber also made a pretty convincing case of its own. The very night this proposal was announced, Uber temporarily deactivated a driver who had spoken out about his working conditions — offering an incredibly clear lesson on why we need a right to organize in the Uber economy.

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Your million-dollar idea…

The last time Seattle City Council tried to pass legislation about Uber, Lyft, & Sidecar, these companies spent over $1.2 million lobbying to block those rules. Now we’re demanding they respect drivers’ and passengers’ rights—and there’s gotta be a better way for them to spend their money than fighting against their own drivers and passengers.

What should they spend their next million on instead?

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