WATCH: Grocery industry lobbyist says minimum wage is either a shot to the heart

It's ok if you didn't see this live as it happened at the State Capitol yesterday — it's a shot to the heart, but it's not too late. And also, it may be a maiming. And grocery stores are going to move to Montana?! 

You have to see it to believe it (though you still might not believe it even then).

Here's what the lobbyist said:

"At my recent board meeting and legislative visits it was described as 'do I want to get shot in the arm and get maimed, or do I want a shot direct to the heart?' And that's really how our members feel about minimum wage.

And 6087 is maiming off the arms of our grocers. [Note: 6087 is a business-backed bill which would modestly raise the minimum wage to $12/hour and take away cities' right to set higher standards.

As Sen. Baumgartner knows we have many many grocers in Eastern Washington. Independents dominate that. And with this minimum wage on top of liquor and alcohol taxes and all it is very very difficult. And as the Senator knows, our grocers that are over there that are expanding are not doing it in Washington State. They're going to Idaho and Montana. So be careful what you ask for."

This one goes out to the business lobby: