A Broken Record

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 • 4:15 pm
Rally for $15 at Alaska Airlines Corporate Headquarters, 

Over the past year, Alaska Airlines has tried to keep $15 off the ballot, campaigned unsuccessfully to vote it down, and then sued in state court to block it from taking effect for thousands of airport workers, arguing that SeaTac doesn't have the power to set a minimum wage.

The latest effort: just last week, their big national airline lobby group filed a Federal lawsuit too, claiming this time the Port of Seattle doesn't have the power to set a minimum wages, either. 

All the while, Alaska has banked record profits quarter after quarter. And that's no exaggeration — the airline has set a record each and every financial quarter since all the way back before Election Day 2013, when SeaTac voters voted in a $15 minimum wage for airport workers by passing Proposition 1.

Banking a half-billion a year while trying anything and everything to block $15 — now that's a broken record.