About WorkingWA

Working Washington is a coalition of individuals, neighborhood associations, immigrant groups, civil rights organizations, people of faith, and labor united for good jobs and a fair economy.

Together, we are building a movement to push corporations and politicians to invest in our communities and create good jobs. That’s how to make the economy work for all of us, not just the top 1%.

Fighting for good jobs and a better future

Everyone deserves a shot at a good job — a job that offers fair wages, good benefits, the right to form a union, and opportunities for a better future.

But good jobs are hard to find. Years of layoffs and cuts mean millions of us are chasing after the few jobs that are out there.

We Need Jobs, Not Cuts

We have the power to build a better future. We can create good jobs by investing in our communities. We can stop the cuts to healthcare, education, and other services. And we can make sure the rich pay their fair share so every community can thrive.

But the economy isn’t going to improve if we just wait for the corporations and the politicians to do the right thing. That’s why we’re building a movement to fight for good jobs and a better future for everyone.